Barbara Stewart Owner Virginia Naturals

barbara Stewart

Virginia Naturals was a business idea for many years before it finally became a reality for me in 2015. In my early years, I was a secretary and then was a stay-at-home mom homeschooling our four daughters. As an owner of a small farm, I have many responsibilities. My favorites include planning the field map for the growing season, planting seedlings in the field, making bouquets, and talking about gardening with my market customers.


heather Stewart

Heather is a registered nurse and is currently continuing her education in the medical field. In between studying, she supports the farm by planting thousands of seeds that we use out in the field and arranging beautiful flower bouquets for the farmer’s market. With the changing of the season, her focus is now turning to our dried flowers and creating amazing wreaths for sale in our online store, farmer’s market, and local craft shows.



Megan’s creative side is showing in the beautifully arranged mason jar bouquets that she creates for the farmer’s market every week. She also keeps the buckets cleaned and ready for flowers and washes and packages eggs for our weekly customers. When she’s not doing farm work, her time is spent writing stories and working towards an English degree by attending classes at the local college.



Barry’s day job is a mechanical engineer. His experience in project management has helped me keep the farm on track to success. His farm responsibilities include maintaining equipment, building structures, caring for the bees, maintaining the grounds, and assisting at the farmer’s market.